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WELCOME to SAMP Advance & Defensive Driving School.

Advance Driving Experience
The Aim of SAMP is to improve the skill and safety of your driving so that you can make the best use of road and traffic conditions. Driving safety and driving skill are aspects of the same ability ?the ability to control the position and speed of your vehicle relative to everything else on the road.

An accident or even a near miss usually represents a loss of this control a lapse in driving skill.

SAMP School aims to help you improve your skills by increasing your awareness of the range of factors that affect your driving :
  • your own capabilities
  • the characteristics of your vehicle
  • and the road and traffic conditions.
It could save you time, money and your life. An average of 18 people is killed in road accidents each day and 100 are seriously injured. Do you think any of them expected this to happen?